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OTHER FAMILIES is an electronic punk group and experimental art collective based in Toronto, Canada. Producers of video, audio, novels, and visual and digital art, the rotating lineup came together in its original incarnation in 2010 and has been extensively touring North America since 2012. With three full length albums, one experimental audio podcast, four books and a 16 GB experimental USB video game under their belt, the band is currently focusing on live performance and increasing their diverse media project portfolio. Other Families is fully produced and recorded at Other Families Recording Studio, while their print and mixed media endeavours are released jointly by Other Families and Other Families Publishing. 


[house.xct - 4/5 STARS] "Other Families isn't just another oddball act, but rather a group that embraces "punk" as a philosophy of breaking and rearranging rules as they see fit."

                                                       -New Noise Magazine (2016)


"I love the idea that people somewhere are making something they dig, in this case experimental electronic that fuses a punk aesthetic with operatic vocals, spoken word, performance art, and a hellacious amount of the strangest funk... I emailed Joe and said “Man, this tape has no business being as good as it is."                                                                                          -Guide Me Little Tape (2015) 


"House, Techno, Spoken Word, R&B, It's all there, but it's seriously messed up and warped"                                                        -Ride the Tempo (2015)  


"It’s such that, on first listen, the album seems to have little to no pullback, as if every song is coming toward you too quickly. But on further listening, you realize the minds behind Other Families have everything firmly under control, and know exactly how to maneuver the tricky landscape they occupy; somewhere between the accessible and the Void."                                                                                                             -The Living Wiccan (2014)



  • In-house PA system with monitor speakers

  • 1 Stereo (1/4 inch pair) input/DI box for electronic instruments

  • 2 vocal microphones

Current Lineup

Available RELEASES

-***Moonrock*** - Available Aug 31st, 2018
-house.xct_ - 2016

-SLANDER: Live SessionS - 2015
-FYZ1KS!1 - 2015
-SLAY - 2013
-QUIT - 2012


MOONROCK is the band’s 4th full length studio album. It’s an 8-track nu-jazz ripper. No skits, no extra bits, none of the usual O.F. BS. The quartet shed their crusty shells and are reaching out to you with melodic, structured, fusion-flavoured material. Enjoy this music from the MOON.

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house.xct_ is a 16 GB experimental album and lo-fi video game released on a custom USB. With the 15 tracks of the album proper, ‘players’ enter a digital haunted house constituted solely by its mapping in successive document folders and the mass of excess content there contained.

4 unlockable floors in entirety, ‘the House’ plays like a classic Atari open-world exploration game mixed with a collaborative, digital choose-your-own adventure novel. If players choose to move past the open front door, where they receive the full record as well as a map to the first floor, they can eventually progress to the High Tower, and complete the game. Tasked on the way to find keys to new reaches of the House, players also uncover hours of scripted video footage, further music and audio, over a hundred pages of writing by the band, and other various media projects filling the rooms of the massive, unnavigable mansion.

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SLANDER: Live Sessions

Recorded during the production of house.xct_, Slander includes live renditions of songs off of fyz1ks!1 and ‘the House’. Recorded off the floor at Other Families Recording Studio.


fyz1ks!1 is Other Families sophomore full length, a genre-maximalist endeavor with influences as wide ranging as hardcore punk, 80's funk and avant-garde performance art. The release includes collaborations with Toronto artists Kat Baggio and Theo Kapodistrias, and the arrival of Other Families monstrous “Butler” character, who appears frequently in their later work and performance events. fyz1ks!1 is currently available for free download, and on CD and cassette.

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SLAY is the first book produced by Other Families Publishing. A handbound chapbook of poems by Other Families member Zach Buck, the book features art and design by Lee Mobin and was produced and sold in Toronto in 2013. Currently OP.


Following the Release of Quit in 2012 Other Families produced a four part podcast series. The Other Families Radio Show features music, experimental audio, scripted comedy and drama, and recorded readings, all created by the band. Available on Soundcloud and cassette tape.


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Quit is Other Families 2012 full length debut. Quit mixes dance-punk and electro with spoken word in an aggressive and noisy blend that marks Other Families early sound. Free download available.  


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Fourth Floor, Dinosaur  2012

Cue Sycophants  2015

The Girl Who Eats Blood 2017

Widower  2013


    Promise    2016


MERCURY - 2018

Single - 2013



Ransom Notes  2016


Houston   2014


His Mouth is Fused - 2016